Structure of the Collaborative

Readmission rates vary significantly by hospital within each condition or procedure. Some hospitals have been able to achieve very low readmission rates while others are experiencing high readmission rates. With the availability of an accepted methodology and data that looks at readmission to any hospital, there was a clear opportunity to bring hospitals together to explore opportunities to reduce readmission rates. All Florida hospitals have been invited to join the collaborative. There is a small fee to cover the costs of the meetings and the facilitator.

The Collaborative will extend over a 12-month period beginning September 2008, and is designed to provide a shared learning environment for participants. Using the model developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, participants will be actively engaged in discussing the causes of readmissions, possible solutions, and developing useful, tested tools that will help individual facilities reduce their readmission rates. The Collaborative will also identify public policy issues that contribute to readmissions and share those with key healthcare decision makers.

Approximately two to three face-to-face meetings will be held throughout the year along with monthly teleconferences to facilitate additional sharing and learning. The first meeting was held on September 8, which included sessions to help with the data analysis, physician engagement and to discuss tools to help with patient education.

Several subgroups will be formed to focus on particular areas such as discharge planning, payment reform, patient information, and coordination with post-acute care will be discussed at this meeting. This Web site has been created to provide a forum for participants to download information and tools on reducing readmission rates.

FHA has engaged an outside facilitator, Dr. Bruce Spurlock, with Convergence Health Consulting, who is a national quality expert and currently facilitating three other learning collaboratives. Other partners in the Collaborative include AHCA, 3M Health Information Systems and Treo Solutions who will help with data support and needs. Hospitals participating in the Collaborative will receive data reports to help with analysis of those patients being readmitted after an initial admission to their hospital.

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