Collaborative on Reducing Readmissions in Florida

Florida hospitals have joined together to focus on reducing potentially preventable readmissions to hospitals within 15 days and 30 days. Members of the Collaborative meet quarterly and participate in monthly conference calls to discuss issues surrounding readmissions.

The Collaborative is focusing on:

  • Expanding our understanding of why patients are readmitted
  • Discussing tools and interventions that would reduce unnecessary readmissions
  • Sharing experiences and challenges with implementing interventions foused on reducing readmissions

The Targets for the Collaborative are:

  • Reduce readmission rates* for Heart Failure patients to less than 8%
  • Reduce readmission rates for Heart Attack patients to less than 6.5%
  • Reduce readmission rates for Pneumonia patients to less than 4%
  • Reduce readmission rates for Bypass Surgery to less than 8%
  • Reduce readmission rates for Hip Replacement to less than 2.5%

By December 31, 2010

*statewide average

Partners in the Collaborative are:

Florida Hospitals (see list of members)
Florida Hospital Association (FHA)
Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)
Treo Solutions
3M Health Information Systems
Convergence Health Consulting

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